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The Community for Diversity in Tech.

Make noise and room for diversity in tech. Don't just share your voice — be seen, heard, and celebrated for who you are.

We're here to shake things up in the industry and make your voice heard. No corporate bullshit here. Repped in Tech is your real community for speaking up, stepping out, and sharing your truth through creative expression. Write blogs, create podcasts, record live streams — you name it. We have the tech influencer resources you need to learn how to become a content creator. Take up space with a platform designed to amplify your purpose, passion, and power.

Equity in tech happens when everyone is repped.

  • Find your community as a diverse tech professional.
  • Fuel your creativity through content creation as a tech influencer..
  • Be a part of the diversity in tech movement.

Elevate Technical Skills

Take Your Tech Skills to the Next Level.

Boosting your tech skills? That's your ticket to the front row.

Invest in yourself, level up your game, and watch the doors swing wide open. Being a tech influencer gets you seen. But being a tech influencer with skills gets you heard. Turn your tech goals into a plan with empowering education that will keep you ahead in the tech world.

Tech moves fast, but your skills move faster.

  • Augment your self study or bootcamp with mentorship from experts
  • Boost your resume and online presence with your mad tech skills.
  • Open up tech career paths with education designed to meet you where you're at — newbie or pro.
  • Gain confidence in your tech skills while connecting with other professionals through our learning communities.

Become a Tech Influencer & Creator.

Craft a vibe that's all you, online and off, in the tech world with ReppedFLIX.

It's your chance to run the show, set trends, and make waves. The moment you speak up is the moment you create career opportunities for yourself. With hands-on learning experiences, production resources, and financial support, you'll have the tools to build your own tech community. Learn how to shape your brand, sharpen your vision, and share your voice. With ReppedFLIX, you can show the world the true power of diversity in tech.

  • Get step-by-step tools to learn how to become a content creator & diverse tech influencer.
  • Get the confidence you need to show up online as a tech influencer with resources designed to motivate, inspire, and empower.
  • Build your personal brand and open up opportunities in your career.
Build Influence and Brand

“The Junior to Job program was exactly the transition I needed to enhance my technical skills even further. I was immediately plugged into the Sprint cycle, assigned with challenging but engaging issue tickets, and received helpful and honest feedback. Repped in Tech prepared me for what to expect in the “real world” of software development, all the while reminding me to embrace and take pride in my unique and special talents as a diverse technologist.”

Software Engineer

“What Dr. T says about stepping deeper into a learning/growth mindset is so true. This is the first time I've built software on a team with so much experience, and it's raining knowledge. Ever since I started, almost every aspect of my development skills have increased. I'm much more comfortable with using GitHub on a team, thinking deeper about a quality user experience, and expressing creativity through my craft.”

Software Engineer
Group Conference